The SPACE Issue

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Our most anticipated issue SPACE is here! We’ve taken a deep dive into the unknown and the last true wilderness. You’re going to love this issue, from the interviews with NASA scientists to the story of a crowdfunded space program from Denmark.

*Sold Out

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Issue 05 Highlights:

  • Copenhagen Suborbitals: on the world’s first crowdfunded space program
  • Artist Lia Halloran: on cyanotypes
  • TEDTalk presenter Esther Perel: on navigating relationships
  • Actor Aaron Paul and Lauren Paul: on being abducted by aliens in NY
  • Photographer Benedict Redgrove: on negative space
  • Dr. Kevin Hand: on alien hunting at NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory
  • Carl Sagan’s daughter Sasha Sagan: on astrology vs. astronomy
  • Actor Kellan Lutz: on inner character
  • Photographer Marc Alcock: on terrestrial photography
  • Andrew Sloan of Cosma Schema: on designing for space
  • And much more...