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Many of the people you know are in the middle of a fight, a storm, a marathon of sorts, right now. It’s personal, because it’s either us or those close to us who are in that place. I wanted to devote this issue to the stamina, fortitude, patience and perseverance that is required to endure whatever we find before us.

More than just stories of physical endurance, it felt more important than ever to focus this issue on mental endurance. Our culture is in a mental health crisis and it’s something we, as an organization, care deeply about. Exploration of wild spaces is one way to bring healing to brokeness but another powerful medicine is a simple and honest conversation about the hurt you or those around you are feeling.

It’s my hope that this issue inspires you to keep going and to dig deep but also to find the clarity and freedom that is waiting for us when we lose cell service, disconnect from our day-to-day and reconnect with ourselves around a simple fire surrounded by wilderness.

-Steve Dubbeldam, Editor in Chief

Here's what to expect inside the new issue:

  • Photostory by Ryan Shorosky
  • Interview with renowned director Tom Shadyac
  • Photostory with Steve Callahan shipwreck survivor
  • Interview with Father Gregory Boyle of Homeboy Industries
  • Interview with Ruthie Lindsey on chronic pain
  • Essay on Singleness by Margie Dillenburg
  • Photostory by Nate Abbott
  • Interview with Alex Atala featured on Chef's Table
  • Photostory by Sandro
  • Feature on Lazarus Lake creator of the toughest marathon on earth
  • Interview on mental health with Todd Burnett CSM
  • Interview with Wim "The Iceman" Hof
  • And more stuff!